The philosophy behind the Arbitrage software is to automatically profit from temporary price differences between exchanges while being market-neutral. Unlike other legacy systems, Arbitrage’s aBot doesn’t sell but actually short sells designated cryptocurrencies on the short exchange, this feature offers two important advantages.

First, the strategy is always market-neutral, meaning as the cryptocurrency market’s moves (up or down) it doesn’t impact the strategy of returns. In simple terms, this removes a huge amount of risk from the platform’s overall return strategy as the market could suddenly lose half its value and this won’t make any difference in the strategy returns.

Second, the aBOT’s strategy doesn’t need to transfer cryptofunds (e.g. BTC, LTC or Fiat) between cryptocurrency exchanges.
The buy/sell and sell/buy opposing trade activities are done in parallel on two different exchanges, independently.

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In terms of configuration, the proprietary arbitrage software made available to investors comes in two simple options.

First: Conveniently designated as the automatic, or aBoT utilises key trade parameters set for the adopted cryptocurrency with daily profits delivered in ARB directly to a compatible ERC20 based wallet.

Second: A manual option, mBOT permits ARB token holders the ability to perform user-controlled arbitrage trades.
mBOT gives users access to a visual interface (i.e vBoT) within the dashboard where live arbitrage opportunities can be monitored, assessed and appropriate trigger parameters can be made real-time to perform trades within set guidelines.



Token Growth

Through limited supply securing demand for fintech services.


Complete Control

Smart contract based ecosystem supporting the realisation of a user controlled fully decentralised platform.


Challenge market perceptions and become a leader in long term sustainable investments.


Arbitrage strategies and activities to ensure long term stable profits.


Depth, knowledge and expertise a synergy of developers and traders well versed in arbitrage strategies.


Complete Transparency

Your mBOT’s trading operation can be seen on the blockchain with all activity recorded on Etherscan.

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Put Our Investors First And Ensure They Are Rewarded With Realistic Sustainable Profits. 


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